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He carves!
He depicts the image in accordance with his inspiration!
He is a plastic artist who strives for wholeness choosing to merge luxurious material in an aesthetic manner that aspires towards perfection.

Liron has an organized and fully equipped studio, which enables him to facilitate any creation he wishes, in his studio everything runs like clockwork.

Liron uses metals such as iron rods, flex and aluminum.
Every part of the art creation is unified and balanced in such a way so that nothing breaks and everything looks perfect.
Liron is precise and in perfect control of the metals he uses, nothing is “coincidental”... everything is planned.

In order not to compare his exclusive work to others there is no “approximate”, everything is in exact measure and that is precisely the magic of his work:
The beauty of his creation is revealed also in the final result as well as in the process of creating it.
In 2006 Liron decides to request a patent to show the world that he has indeed created a new method.

The patent is granted on 1.19.2001 after many years of him being the only one in the world who invented this style.
He entered the temple of the arts of many well known collectors and art galleries.
Liron is a sort of art rebel in his field, this concept in D3 formed a dynamic relationship between the public and the art creation, every picture renews itself.

Move and the art piece moves with you, yet the image will not change, this is his method and concept, the quality of the art gives us the ability to rediscover the pleasure of the graphs and violens.

The pathway of the senses is emotional and visual allowing us to live the image.

Liron’s artwork is on display in galleries in New York, Geneva, Paris, Saint Tropez, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and more…

The quality of the art work has drawn many collectors and artist such as LVMH, Musee Grevin, Oro Media France, Waincliffe, Erpel and more…

Full details of Patent:
Application date: 8.28.2006
Application number: 06794364.7
Issue date of patent from: 01.19.2011 : INPI - form 09.03
Issue date of international patent: PTC/FR2006/001998
International publication number: WO 2008/025888 (06.03.2008 Gazette 2008/10